LightingEurope publishes Guidelines on the Energy Labelling database (EPREL)

To help companies efficiently comply with their new reporting obligations on EPREL, LightingEurope has published guidelines and information templates for its members that provide details on the products affected and the parameters that need to be reported.

Since 1st January 2019, all lighting products in the scope of the Energy Labelling Regulation for lighting products (EC Reg. 874/2012) must be registered in EPREL before they are placed on the European market. A next milestone is approaching quickly: by end of June 2019, EPREL must also include information on all labelled products that were placed on the EU market since 1st August 2017.

Lighting companies introduce a vast number of products onto the EU market every year and the challenge to satisfy this legal requirement in only a few months is extraordinary. “The LightingEurope guidelines set out our understanding of how the EPREL rules apply to lighting products. They provide our members all the information they need to register a product, from the specific legislative requirements for lighting products to the technical ICT issues they must deal with when they are in front of their PC uploading content onto EPREL,” says Ourania Georgoutsakou, Secretary General of LightingEurope.

LightingEurope and member experts have been liaising with the European Commission during the set-up of the database features. Due to this advocacy work, the luminaire label is not in scope of EPREL, timelines have been reviewed to provide more time for companies and some technical elements of the database have been modified to allow the correct registration of all lamps in the scope of the Energy Labelling Regulation for lighting products.

“Members can count on a living document that will be regularly updated with our experts’ refined interpretation of the legal requirements and with information on the latest features made available by the Commission, with whom we regularly communicate to share our requests and receive updates,” concludes Ourania Georgoutsakou.

The guidelines on EPREL are directly available to LightingEurope’s corporate members and national lighting association members. Lighting companies can contact their national lighting association for details – click here to view our members.


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