LightingEurope welcomes the inclusion of lighting in new EPBD

LightingEurope welcomes yesterday’s European Commission proposal on amending the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD). In particular, LightingEurope is glad to see that the European Commission proposal imposes on Member States to set system requirements for all the technical building systems, built-in lighting included.

The share of lighting in the final energy consumption of non-residential buildings reaches up to 30 %. A proper implementation of lighting systems strongly reduces the final energy consumption of lighting. “Requirements for new and renovated buildings should include replacement of conventional lighting with LEDs. Together with lighting controls and daylight and occupancy sensors, this will result in around 60% energy savings,” says Diederik de Stoppelaar, Secretary-General of LightingEurope.

Moreover, LightingEurope is glad to see that the European Commission proposes to encourage the use of ICT and smart technologies to ensure that buildings operate efficiently. This can be done by building automation and control systems, infrastructure for e-mobility, and by introducing a smartness indicator.

Bron: Lighting Europe

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